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I find it amazing that all Christian symbols are Pagan!!! I believe those Celts(10 Tribes Israelites brought it to Europe!!

  I have been studying for a long time on who the TenTribes came to be Celts,Cimmerans,Barbarians,Scynthians etc....I believe that it is very clear from the bible that most if not all has to do with Israel(not the church in the way the reformed faith teaches) 2 Kings 17:5-7 clearly states that the Northern Tribes kept their idenity and where not lost forever(like the Church teaches) It is clear that the book of James refers to the 12 tribes.1Peter is written to the exiled. The book of…


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These Gentiles could of been non-Israelites/Hebrews


  Do you think the Roman soldier who's servant was healed was Jewish?  Do you think the Roman soldier was Jewish?.I am pretty sure the bible does not say the soldier was a believer, but that he showed great faith...I been thinking about this question all day..How about those strangers in Genesis and other places who were not part of the Israelite community that got circumsied to become israel and worship God.?....Where they blood realtives?  It seems to me they were sojourners who…


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How Many People In The Garden?

Thanks for the opportunity to coment!

   As to the number in the Garden during Adam's creation, we cannot question other than a plurality present.

Genesis 1:26 clearly states a plurality in the "us, our, and them' in scriptural account. By the way, as author, in The

Great Deception, I laid out the dimensions of Heaven and Earth, to within a foot in all directions. Additionally, Eden encompassed these same boundaries. To the East in Eden, could be anywhere east of central…


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All fulfilled and no "on-going fulfillment"

After The Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, no more:…


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