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"All These Things...Came To Pass" by Ed Stevens

Good read on Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. See PDF attached.


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John Marra wrote in Facebook "Preterist and Fulfilled Theology":


"I always find it amazing how Ed Stevens insists on taking the language of the Olivet Discourse so literally (the time statements and the reference to "all these things") and citing all these extra-biblical sources in order to prove a litera...l fulfillment in the physical realm which could be seen with human eyes. That is until he comes to verse 31 and then suddenly the rapture/resurrection takes place in the unseen spiritual realm in order for him to maintain his Individual Body at Death (IBD) view and on-going application of these prophecies after AD70."

Reply to John Marra's Facebook post about Ed Steven's view:


Hi John,


You've found the Achille's Heel of the obsolete, quasi-Preterist views of people like Ed Stevens, Don Preston, and William Bell.  Their exegetical approach is inconsistent and unreasonable.  One cannot read the "time statements" in a literalistic way and then explain the resurrection texts as an invisible event that takes place in an imaginary Kingdom.


Here's the critical problem with their methodology ... the same logical argumentation that supports a literalistic interpretation of the "time statements" also demands a literalistic reading of the resurrection texts, as well as the covenants and promises that named only "Israelites according to the flesh" (Romans 9:3-5).


Rivers :)


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